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The Smurfs Movie Review

Were you able to watch The Smurfs when you were a kid? Then this is a must watch! I remember watching The Smurfs in Cartoon Network when I was a kid. It was cute cartoon and suitable for kids. I watched The Smurfs in HBO and I had necer thought that the movie would be that awesome. The twist of the story was fantastic and creative. I love it!

Spoiler Ahead:
I thought the movie would be the typical type of Smurfs cartoon. Smurfs in the village Gargamel trying to get his hands on them. But in order the add a twist on the movie, everything happened in New York. I didn’t thought that they would have came up with the idea of the Smurfs being in New York in our century. Awesome idea.

I also want to compliment how the characters acted. The Smurfs in the cartoons was the same Smurfs that you’ll see in the movie. They were able to maintain the character of the Smurfs. So cute. The movie was able to have a lot of humor which I didn’t expect. It was really a grea movie.

Overall, I love the movie and I would give them a 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended!

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