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Email Subscribers Sudden Increase

  Last March 14, 2013. I changed how my email subscription widget looks like. Actually, I just edited the message and the option to show the number of subscribers. During that time, I decided to change the message for the convenience of those who will join my giveaway, and that time I only have 10 email subscribers. That was my reason for changing the message. But at the end of the giveaway, none of my email subscribers came from the giveaway when I checked the entries. After I few  ...

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I AM LOVED : AthenaTria.Com 2012 Annual Report from WordPress.Com

This is just a quick post to update my readers about my blog’s annual report. I just saw the email today from WordPress.Com (I use the JetPack widget) about my annual report. And so I decided to post about this, not to brag but to inform my readers and attract clients as well. :51:         So I will just quote the report here. :110:  Thank you everyone forgiving me a good stats for the year 2012! Hope this year, my blog will surpass last year’s stats!   ...

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AthenaTria’s Mobile View

Sept. 11, 2012 I started to have a mobile version for my site I figured that since nowadays a lot of people use their smartphones to surf the internet it might be a great help to my readers to have a mobile version and to attract readers as well. Me as well often view my site using my phone and launching a mobile site for my site is indeed one of the best improvements I did for my site. Currently the design is really plain but when I get the chance I will change some  ...

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My “Call Me Belle” Blog 2009

I suddenly remembered the URL of my blog last 2009. It was wordpress too. And my, was it hilarious, really. Compared to my blog right now, it seems to my that is blog of a kid! Hahaha. But in fact, I was in  first year college by that time.  :67: It was funny. I don’t know why. It has only 3 posts, with 1 category, 1 page and 2 tags, with the comments, I don’t think it has a comment. I decided to export these 3 posts. Browse through my archives and you will see that there is 3  ...

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