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Google Page Rank Update August 2012

Yes, you heard it right. Google has again finally updated the Page Rank! I just noticed it today, and when I checked Google, they just recently updated the Page Rank like 3 days ago. This is confirmed because some of my blogs, have a new page rank. is now Page Rank 2. And is now Page Rank 1. This means more opportunities for me. I’m so excited about the new offer that may come because I know that I have a higher PR (Page Rank) now.  ...

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Mashable: Penalized by Google

One of the mos popular tech blogs on the internet, has it’s Page Rank down to ZERO. What happened? People speculated that most probably they have been penalized by Google.  :oh: As of now, we really don’t know yet but I have saw some have been talking about it. Other pages of Mashable still has its Page Rank, except for their home page, See for yourself.. Web Page URL: The Page Rank:  ...

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February 6, 2012 Google Has Updated The Page Rank

Google recently updated the Page Rank. It is confirmed.  :yipee: And I was one of the websites who got  a higher Page Rank.  :93: My Page Rank is now 1.  :13: Yey. I just want to share the good news.. What are you waiting for? Check your page rank now!  :9: I know some of you guys were very anxious about the update and now, the long wait is here. Don’t forget to treat us if you really have a high page rank by now!  :40:

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Google Page Rank Update 2012 Schedule

A lot of business and bloggers asks: “When is Google’s page rank update?” This page rank has been essential to bloggers, companies or anyone who has websites. Google has been really powerful and a monster in the internet. They have offered great services. Google’s page rank is one of them most essential part when you own a website, this has been the basis of your page rank not only for Google but for a whole bunch of stuff. :14: Good job Google. And now, since this  ...

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