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February 02, 2012 Our Daily Bread

“You may have much gold and grandeur,
Yet by God be reckoned poor;
He alone has riches truly
Who has Christ, though nothing more.”
– Anon.


I still believe that everyone needs God in their life.  :40: Not only the poor, but also those who are rich.  :13: Today’s entry deals with riches and having God in your life. There are a lot of stories of rich people yet unhappy.  :69: And I also heard of the reason was that they don’t have God in their life. So, what difference does really God makes? Apostle Paul said that when we give God control of our lives, earthly blessings can be enjoyed, for He “gives us richly all things to enjoy.” ( 1 Timothy 6:17) (Our Daily Bread 2012)  :51: It may not be in a form of money, gold,or anything material, but it can be more than that, better than that, it can be “love” you can feel better more than the rich people,  :money: you can feel rich with love.  :71:


With God in Our Life
With God in Our Life


“To be rich in God is better than to be rich in goods.” (Our Daily Bread 2012)  :givelove:

February 01, 2012 Our Daily Bread

“Immortal, invisible, God only wise,
In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,
Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days,
Almighty, victorious – Thy great name we praise.”
– Smith


How do we define great?  :100: Great is beyond ordinary, the best. That’s how I define it.  :121: By the definition that I used we can simply say that there a lot of people whomw e can call great.  :71: Great at dancing, painting, writing ans so on.  :93: But bear in mind, “Only God is great.”   :99: We recognize and admire some of our fellow mortals who are considered to be great thinkers, great scientists, great inventors, great achievers in every field of endeavor. In many ways they tower above all of us ordinary people, but they still have the same needs we do. They experience aches and pains. They have troubled minds and hungry hearts, They cannot stave off death nor guarantee life beyond grave.  :oh: (Our Daily Bread 2012) If they are so great, why did they die? Why do they feel pain? Why do they feel alone or lonely sometimes? Why do they sin? And most of all, why do they feel it’s hard to forgive other people?  :argh: In short, they are just like us, only that they excel at something. They just did better at something compared to us. At some point, they are number one but they are not great like God.  :82:  “Only God is great.”    :69: He is great enough to meet all our needs, great enough to forgive all our sins, and great enough to carry us through the dark valley of death into eternity, to be with Him forever. So we declare with the psalmist, “You are great.. You alone are God.” (Psalm 86:10) – Vernon Grounds (Our Daily Bread 2012)  :yipee:


“In the world of empty superlatives, God is the greatest.” (Our Daily Bread 2012)

January 31, 2012 Our Daily Bread

“You shall observe My judgments and keep My ordinances, to walk in them: I am the Lord your God.”
– Leviticus 18:4


Reading a long book will be quite a bore for some especially if they don’t like the topic or has a lot of jargon.  :17:  Yes, it may not be easy, you may feel that the topic is boring if you don’t really know the reason behind the topic, if you don’t know it’s significance.  :71: Same thing with Leviticus, the third book in the Bible.  :oh: Many people who are determine to read the Bible through in  a year get bogged down and quit half way through Leviticus. (Our Daily Bread 2012) Today’s entry simply discusses the importance so today’s entry may not be applicable to all.  :93:

Leviticus is a book for pilgrims, a life time-guide for people who have been delivered from their past and are on their way toward a glorious, God-planned future. (Our Daily Bread 2012) So basically, still, this book is important and interesting. A lot of people still needs this especially those who are just starting anew.  :googlyeyes: Leviticus is also filled with word pictures of God’s salvation, painted almost 1,500 years before Jesus was born. Every offering and sacrifice points to the cross of Christ, “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” (John 1:29)  :99:

Today’ entry simply reminds us the importance of Leviticus it’s importance, how it can encourage is in our daily life and the reason why there is “Leviticus.” Every part of the book is important and has a reason why it was there and everything contributed to the success of a book.  :13: Same thing with the Bible, the Bible would not be complete without Leviticus.  :givelove: So don’t just quit just now, instead continue reading the Bible, then share what you learned.  :85:


“The offerings of animals,

Were made in days of old,

To point us to the Lamb of God,

His sacrifice foretold.”

– Fitzhugh