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I Got Another Contract In Odesk!

I am truly grateful for getting another contract in oDesk. This time, I love my contract. When I got home from the Best Food Forward at the same time the Blogger Challenge #2 as Blogger Apprentice Contender of 2012 and Lhyzie’s brother birthday, the first thing I checked is my e-mail.  :ao: At first I was nervous to open the e-mail, but anyhow, I was already not expecting much. But when I opened the message, I almost jumped for joy! Athena Thank you for your interest at Red Pocket  ...

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My Online Job: oDesk

I have been with oDesk since October 2011. And I have been already earning. oDesk is now becoming popular nowadays. And there are now millions of contracts and thousands of clients in oDesk. Enjoy the comfort of your home while working. Say goodbye to the rush hour traffic, thinking of what to wear, transportation expenses. And say hi to the comfort of your home. Working while being with my baby daughter is one of the best advantage of being a work at home mom. And this is what I am really  ...

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Indeed I Am Truly Blessed

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of blessings. :110: Last January 23, 2012, Chinese New Year,  :85: I received three different interview invitations from same company.  :93: Boy,  :50: I felt truly blessed. Especially with their offer to me.   The day after that, January 24, 2012, I received their testing phase offer and it had started that day as well. I am so happy to be having this opportunity to be considered as on their agents. I do hope I will be hired.  :93:      ...

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Another Job For Real!

I am truly blessed yesterday. I planned to blog about this yesterday but I was too busy yesterday.  :110: I just got hired in another contract in oDesk.  :yipee: And this time, this is a good contract and I am sure that I will be paid,  :110: I can work peacefully.  :120: And this time, I know I will be paid in every work. Like for example my previous work as an article writer, I am not only underpaid, I was also not sure if I will be paid, what if my employer would say the work was  ...

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