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Lookbook: Look for Nuffnang’s Birthday Party


This picture was taken recently, so yeah, this is how I look now.  :110: It was during the Nuffnang’s 5th Birthday Celebration. I specifically chose this dress for I know the event will involve meeting a lot of new people.  :93: It was really an exciting event because I met  a lot of new blogger friends personally. Yey!  :googlyeyes: Well, I do hope for the next year’s celebration I will be there too!  :67:

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SkinWhite Love To Be Near Summer Promo
SkinWhite Love To Be Near Summer Promo




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Nuffnang’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

Last night, I spend the night with other Nuffies and Nuffnang’s team, with my blogger friends, Lhyzie Bongon, Jo-ann Ramirez, and my plus 1, Grysh Co. It was a night to remember. The celebration, like as mentioned in my previous post, it was in Borough, The Podium, Philippines. Dang, such a nice celebration!  :oink:  I wish Nuffnang a  :hbd: :ad: :ab: :8: :az: :flower:  more advertisers to come so more earnings for us bloggers as well!  :110:  Here are some of my favorite shots of the night!

With Carlos Palma, one of the managers in Nuffnang, blogging in http://www.foodiemanila.com

Another night to remember, thanks to Nuffnang Philippines. I really had a great night last night. For someone like me, I was hoping for more foooood.. :77: Hahaha. But the cocktails were the best same as the food. Are you planning for more events like this? I already had so much fun. Wishing you more years to come and hoping I can be a part of your team. I’m just a bit scared of passing application to you guys! Hahaha. :oh: Congrats for holding such a successful and fun celebration with the Nuffies!  :101: