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Missed the 4th Day of Misa De Gallo

What a day. I wasn’t able to attend the 4th day of the Misa de Gallo. It was really sad. Every year, every Christmas season, my goal is to complete this midnight mass. I was probably real tired and I wasn’t able to wake up a while ago. I got up at around 6 am already. Too late even for the next mass. SO frustrating.

When I got up, I went into blogging away. Since, I had been busy, my blog had few viewers for both blogs. It was really irritating to see those kinds of stats especially that I want to earn using my blogs. 🙁 I do hope using 2 blogs will drive more traffic for my favorite blog. When my baby and my husband got up, we started playing Christmas songs, I am now starting to feel the spirit of Christmas and I am now very excited to celebrate. The only thing that will be lacking is that my beloved cousin wont be with me on Christmas. 🙁

On Christmas, no frowning or crying allowed. Let’s all be happy. 🙂 Let’s not forget Christ on His birthday! 🙂 And to my daughter’s godparents, don’t forget her! Later if I found my planner where my kid’s godparents are listed, I will post them on my both blogs. 🙂

For now, I will bond with my family. 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! 🙂

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