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Show off: Aphrodite’s Look 001

Wow. Just wow. Time sure flies by so fast. It seems like only yesterday that I gave birth to a beautiful princess. Now, she can give me some cute poses for my shots. And today, I can’t help but brag about her photos yesterday. Aphrodite learns how to pose. Show off! See the last picture? Probably looked familiar to you if you have been following my blog or my lookbook. Why? That’s the exact pose I did for one of my lookbook posts! Wow. Now my little princess has her outfit of  ...

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Sponsorship and Advertisement

I have been inactive in the blogging world for the past few months because of some personal problems. But now that I am back online, I would like to formally announce that my blog is again open for sponsorship, advertisement, or even paid posting. It’s been a while and I know starting up again may take a while.  :15: I hope that you can trust my blog that I can bring myself back up. I probably lost some readers, and I lost a lot of back links, but the site stats kept me inspired. I  ...

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Lookbook: Simple Prom Princess Look

For my first look I decided to choose this one. Well mainly because my partner says that this is one of my best looks.  :googlyeyes: I am not really a fashionista but I’d like to be one so please bear with me.  :yipee: So if you like my looks, please do fan me on LOOKBOOK by clicking HERE.   This picture was taken way back when I was still 4th year high school. Yeah, seriously I have kept old photos in my file.  :93: It was actually my JS Prom held on Edsa Shangri-la.  :givelove:  ...

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KakaoTalk App Review

KakaoTalk is a messenger that can let you send free messages and make calls as well. It’s very similar to Viber and at the same time Twitter with cute emoticons. KakaoTalk is popular among Koreans but I’m hoping soon it will be as popular as Viber since I really like it. It has features of Kakao Friends Plus. These are celebrities or bands just like Twitter, you can add them to get their updates. This makes KakaoTalk different from Viber. And most of all their really cute  ...

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