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iPhone 3G Giveaway From Anj Consunji

A friend of mine is giving away her iPhone 3G. You too can join the raffle! Just like this Facebook page here and message her with: “ATHENA TRIA” She will be picking the winners by the number of messages so you must not forget to message her with: “ATHENA TRIA” as your referrer As simple as that! Giveaway will end on Sept. 13, 2012. So what are you waiting for? Join now and get a chance to win your very own iPhone 3G! Good luck to everyone that will join.

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biteSMS: A Cydia Store App

For some that are not that techy, they don’t know what is Cydia and what it can do or what it can offer us. All they know is that Cydia will be there when jailbreaking or unlocking their iPhone. But did you know that besides having your iPhone unlocked, you can get more out of Cydia? Cydia has a lot of tweaks for your iPhone, ringtones themes and even awesome app like biteSMS.

I use biteSMS and I totally love it! It has all the feature you would want in a built in messages app for your iPhone. It has some awesome features like Quick Compose, Quick Reply, Auto Forward, Schedule, Templates, and a lot more awesome features. Their features are not limited to what i have mentioned they are only examples to share what awesome featurea biteSMS have. And this feature just amazes me. I really really love it. And the best thing about the app is its free! Yes, its free! So you can feel free to delete the app in case you don’t want it. But I doubt that, I really love the app and I bet you will too! I will rate this app a 5 out 5 stars! Kudos biteSMS!

Features : 5
Price : 5
Satisfaction : 5
Total : 5

Instagram: Now Available for Android Users!

I recently posted about Instagram app developers plan on launching the Instagram for Android users as well. It was launched April 3, 2012 and was used by 1 million users right away! Android users have been looking forward for this app that is why the moment they launched it, it already reached 1 million users! Instagram has been the apple of the eye everyone even before when it was only available for Apple users. Non-Apple users has been envious of this app, some where even frustrated why the app doesn’t have a web version, or at least Android version. Now, due to public demand, the Apple’s 2011 App of the Year has now released their app to the Android Marketplace, expanding it’s reach, giving another millions of users to enjoy this awesome app.

A lot has been waiting for this app, and I am pretty sure Blackberry users are also looking forward for this app as well. I’m pretty sure, sooner or later, it will be also available in the Blackberry App world, with the technology and the demand for the Instagram app, Instagram app developers can’t resist the request of the Blackberry users to have their own version as well. A lot has been envious, some has been trying hard to say that they are not envious or just using some apps similar to Instagram app. But for me, an Instagram fan and user, I can say, no similar app to Instagram can exceed the Instagram’s greatness, indeed worth it to be called  the App of the decade for the era of photography.

So, what is your Instagram username? Comment them here and I will follow you, just follow me back!  :yipee:

Download the Instagram App for Android here: http://instagr.am/android/

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