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How To Root Your Cherry Mobile Flare: As Easy As 1-2-3!

What is rooting? You probably heard of rooting that’s why you are here at this page.  :40: Rooting is like the “Run as Administrator” of Windows for Android. To gain access fully to your Android, you must have root access.

At the moment, I don’t have a post about rooting but since you are here at the page, I can assume that you know what is rooting.

I’ll give you the steps on how you can root you Cherry Mobile Flare but I will not be responsible if something happens to your phone. Take the risk. You are fully responsible for your phone. I will just give you the steps on how you can root your Cherry mobile Flare. But don’t worry, this steps are tested. Several users from the Facebook group: Cherry Mobile Flare. I also tried doing this in my Cherry mobile flare and my partner’s CM Flare as well and it worked fine. Just follow these steps and you’ll do fine.

First, we need to install your drivers on your phone.

Download Pdanet for Android here:


Then just install and follow the instructions. 

** Note don’t connect your phone just yet. Wait until Pdanet asks you so. If asked for the brand of your phone, just choose “other”

** When you connect your phone, make sure that “USB Debugging” is enabled.

(Settings-Developer options-USB Debugging.)

After connecting your phone, install the drivers. This happens when you connect your phone. A pop up will appear. Just choose install automatically. Wait for the installation to complete.

** All drivers are on your Cherry Mobile Flare. No need to download it. You probably noticed a “pcdrivers.zip” file on your CM Flare. To check if your drivers are properly installed, just go to “My Computer” click on “View System Information” on the left side. A pop up will appear, choose “Hardware” then click on “Device Manager.” (Phone should be connected) You should see “ADB Interface” under Android. If you see it there then you have properly installed your drivers. Make sure there is only one ADB interface.

Now that you have properly installed your drivers, time to root your phone. This is easy as one two three.

Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/?lwhknfmnc25nbc6

Unzip the file that you have downloaded. Double click on RUNME.BAT. A MS-DOS Command prompt will appear. Type 1 then enter. (1 means normal rooting.)

Wait till you see the command prompt saying to check your phone and click restore. When you see that just do so, then your phone will reboot. Wait till after you reboot. You will see the command prompt saying click any key. Do so so and you’re good to go. You may now disconnect your phone. Your CM Flare is now already rooted!

You may download a free app in the Google Play Store called “Root Checker Basic” to check if you have successfully rooted your CM Flare. At the same time you will see a prompt asking you to install SuperSU, don;t be afraid just hit install. Voila! Your Cherry Mobile Flare is now rooted!  :yipee:

** Credits my source: Droidiser and Mon Barbeche of Cherry Mobile Flare Facebook Group.

** Note, this process works for most ICS phones. You may try this process with other ICS Android phones at your own risk. This process has been tried and tested with Cherry Mobile Flare and it worked fine.  :googlyeyes: Note that rooting your phone will void your warranty. But don’t worry, you can unroot your phone anyway.  :67: Hope you were able to root your CM Flare!  :61:


********  Update

I was checking my referrers a while ago and found out some of my referrers are from a forum, and when I clicked on the link I was flattered to see that people have been using my post to help them root their Cherry Mobile Flare. The screen shot will be posted below just as proof that this process has been proven. (Most people are having problem with installing the drivers. Feel free to email me info@athenatria.com so I can help you out.  :mwah: )


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TipidCP.com post



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