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Pose and Print: The Photo booth of 5th Anniversary Celebration of Nuffnang

Last birthday celebration, Pose and Print were the official photo booth of Nuffnang.The day after the celebration the photos were uploaded already. So I do recommend them. Too bad I didn’t have the chance to take my solo shots, but I have some shots with my friends.  :67: Hopefully if we have enough budget, I would like to invite Pose and Print to my daughter, Aphrodite’s first birthday. Yey. I wonder how much does it costs?  :googlyeyes:


So moving on, here are the shots of the night. :30:  


I really enjoyed Nuffnang’s birthday and looking forward for more upcoming events in Nuffnang. Small tip: always view Nuffnang’s blog to check the latest and be one of the first to know about the latest events!  :93:



Nuffnang’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

Last night, I spend the night with other Nuffies and Nuffnang’s team, with my blogger friends, Lhyzie Bongon, Jo-ann Ramirez, and my plus 1, Grysh Co. It was a night to remember. The celebration, like as mentioned in my previous post, it was in Borough, The Podium, Philippines. Dang, such a nice celebration!  :oink:  I wish Nuffnang a  :hbd: :ad: :ab: :8: :az: :flower:  more advertisers to come so more earnings for us bloggers as well!  :110:  Here are some of my favorite shots of the night!

With Carlos Palma, one of the managers in Nuffnang, blogging in http://www.foodiemanila.com

Another night to remember, thanks to Nuffnang Philippines. I really had a great night last night. For someone like me, I was hoping for more foooood.. :77: Hahaha. But the cocktails were the best same as the food. Are you planning for more events like this? I already had so much fun. Wishing you more years to come and hoping I can be a part of your team. I’m just a bit scared of passing application to you guys! Hahaha. :oh: Congrats for holding such a successful and fun celebration with the Nuffies!  :101:

Happy 9 Months To My Daughter and Happy First Tooth!

Today I am celebrating the 9th month of my daugther, Aphrodite Orillo. And  also today, I officially saw and felt her first tooth.  :yipee: I know this is nothing much but this simple thing is something I want to celebrate.  :110: I appreciate eveyr small blessing God gives to me. And celebrating another day is not bad, especially the first tooth.  :71: A few months from now, we will be celebrating her very first birthday!  :hbd: :az: :gift: :8: :ad: :ab: I am excited and a bit worried if it will be a success.  :19: Right now,  I just want to thank God for the blessing He has given me.  :99: Especially for giving me a daughter like Aphrodite..  :69: I love my daughter so much..  :61: :40: God, thanks for this gift, the gift that I cna treasure forever.  :9: I can again say, indeed I am truly blessed.  :51:

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