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Zandra Mae Recones, Happy 18th Birthday!

To the girl or should I say, now a woman, whom I treated like my little sister, happy 18 birthday. It seems like only yesterday this girl, usually wears just the stripes polo and pants, no make up, now knows how to put make up, see her face all over Facebook wearing different clothes, in short, starting to become a fashionista. It seems like yesterday that she doesn’t know how to dress and act like a lady, is now a woman. I felt like she was only 16 years old only to realize that 2 years had passed the little girl is now a lady. “Dalaga ka na.” Gone were the days where you wore that striped polo and maong pants, wore no make up. The little girl that I admire for her strenght, strenght to forgive, strenght to face the flood of problems she always gets, is now officially a woman, still, I admire her. Because even as she grows older I can see how much a strong woman she is, how much goal-oriented and family-oriented she is, nothing has changed in fact she is getting better and stronger.

I admire her for making the right decision the fact that she experienced extreme emotional pain. She did the right decision. (I hope she knows what or who am I talking about right now. :p) She knew how to forgive (Ehem ehem! Seriously, I idolize you for being able to be a friend to her despite everything.) and move on even though it hurts. He is indeed a strong woman. She chose the right path, while me, older than her, was vulnerable to making the wrong decision just because of the pain that I felt. And for that, I admire her even more and more because I know how it feels to get hurt and to make a decision that will change your whole life. I made the wrong decision but she didn’t. Who says an “ate” can’t admire her? My little sis, I know it hurts, but cheer up, I’m 101 percent sure he’s not worth it.

I want to take this opportunity to say everything that I wanna say during your debut celebration but was unable to because I can’t stop the tears. So please, forgive me if this will be long or melodramatic.

When I text you that I miss you so much, I really do miss you so much. I admit that I really did felt bad that you failed to even visit me the fact that I only lived a few blocks away from you. I can’t help but remember the day you told me, in my room, with Badette that when I finally have a baby you will visit us everyday and you were so excited to be a ninang. But then, you never visited me at all. I would appreciate even 10 minutes of your time, because I know how much busy you are, but then you never did even visit us. 🙁 I got jealous of your new and old friends. I envied them because you were together, serving God. Its sad but then, its okay sometimes friends gets jealous too, you know. I mostly blame myself. If I only did the right decision, we could probably have more time to spend with each other, serving God. Friends to have some problems and tampuhan but still friends remain friends. Only did I realize because of the invitation you gave that even we don’t have that much time together like before, nothing has changed. (Tears. This is why I can’t say all these in your debut. Too melodramatic. At least now no one sees me crying. :p) We are still the Athena and Zandra before. Thank you for remembering me the first in your list. If not for that I will still have in my mind that I already lost you. 🙁

Zandra and Athena Tria Conversation

I thank God to meet and have you as a friend. I thank God that she let me have a Zandra that I will admire. I am not the only person who admires you, (so those people who don’t know how to value you, just don’t mind them and move on) which you probably have notice during your celebration. Yes, a lot of people will mourn when you leave this living world. We all love the Zandra who never fails to smile despite the hardships she experience. This girl, I mean a woman now, has been and still going through a lot of problems never fails to smile and make people around her smile. She has unbelievably carrying a lot of problems in her life but you will never notice at all. Because this young woman is strong.

I trust that you will make the right decisions in life. The Zandra I saw, I know, can now be trusted to fly freely because I know in my heart, she is ready. She has shown me her strenght and showed me that she will be worthy to be trusted, that she can now make a decision on her own. “Nalagpasan mo na un eh, kaya sa mga darating pa na problema alam ko kakayanin mo.” I don’t need to say good luck because I know Zandra Mae Recones feels pain but remains strong and sticks to her dreams for her and her family.

I love you Zandra. I’ll always be here for you as an “ate” and as a best friend. Take care always. Stay the same, I really do admire you for who you are right now. Best wishes, happy 18th birthday! 🙂

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Winners of My Double Birthday Giveaway

Some have already seen the winners, but some didn’t notice that I have already announced the winners of the giveaway. The winners were already announced in the original blog post, seen here: http://athenatria.com/double-birthday-giveaway/


As for my winner, Joanne M. I will tell you the details later in the email. Your name was drawn several times but I have to choose another winners as well since you already have won a domain and hosting from me.

As for Gayle S., Elinor S., Ellen L., Abe G.,  I don’t have the items yet, but may I know your preferred way to get the items? Would you like it to be shipped or meet up? You guys have one the prizes sponsored by The Rainbow Star. I will also send you an email in a while.

As for Lilibeth T., you have won http://gryshco.com/‘s sponsored prize, please  try to contact her, same with Jen, you have won http://blog.mikki.tk/, please do contact him, he still hasn’t made up his mind about the surprise prize but I told him that I will have you contact him as well.

For all the winners, congratulations! You will receive an email from me in a while. And for those who joined, I want to thank you guys for joining. I hope to see you guys again in my upcoming giveaways as well. I really appreciate that you have joined my giveaway, I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who greeted us in our birthday.

Thank you everyone! I hope we all have a great day ahead!



Winners were drawn via Rafflecopter, Rafflecopter uses Random.org to draw the winners.