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Globe’s Best Promo Ever: ALL20

The other day, I blogged about this promo, ALL20 but I haven’t tried it myself. But this time I could talk about this more because I already tried this the other day. And for me, this is the best promo ever because it has everything that I’ll need in a promo. Here is the confirmation message: You can now use your Globe Prepaid GO ALLNET20! Enjoy UNLITXT to ALL NETWORKS + 10 min calls to Globe/TM, with UNLI FB valid for 2 days. To check status, txt ALL20 STATUS to 8888. To stop  ...

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Globe Telecom’s Newest Promo: ALL20

Wow. As in wow. This is the kind of promo I have been waiting for Globe to offer. Yes, this is the kind of promo you would also like. August 24, 2012, around 9 AM, I received this message from Globe FREE Globe Advisory: The best ALL NET offer is now in Angeles, Pampanga! For P20, get unli texts to ALL networks + 10 mins. of calls to Globe/TM + FREE FB (up to 10MB), all good for 2 DAYS! Text ALL20 to 8888 to register. No maintaining balance kaya go lang nang go! No Advisories? Text STOP to  ...

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