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Globe Customer Service Postpaid Application Review: Worst Service Ever

I had enough with Globe. I had been using Globe Telecom’s service for years. I never wanted to make a bad review about them, but I really had enough. I think people deserves to know what other people thinks about their service. I don’t know where to start this but I will start with the most recent one.

Applying for a postpaid line via Globe’s sales hotline.

I had a good conversation with sales representative, probably because it’s sales, people are very nice. So the sales representative processed my application last April 29. The sales representative gave me a reference number and told me that if I will send my requirements within 24 hours including if the support team asked for additional requirements, I will get 2 free movie passes. The sales representative even made it clear to me that I must submit the additional requirements if asked to qualify for the two free movie passes. So I submitted the requirements right after the call, but all I got was an auto reply.

Dear Valued Subscriber,Thank you for taking the time to provide us the needed requirements for your application at globehotlinesales@globetel.com.ph.
This is an automated confirmation that we have received your documents. There is no need to reply.
Please expect to hear from us within the next two business days, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding holidays).
Thanks,Globe Sales AdminGlobe Hotline Sales [globehotlinesales@globetel.com.ph}
This e-mail message (including attachments, if any) is intended for the use of the individual or the entity to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, proprietary, confidential and exempt from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, you are notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender and delete this E-mail message immediately.
But I never got a reply from them. How rude! I got a call May 11! Imagine what kind of service is that! That is already two broken promises, first is the 2 free movie passes and the second is promised reply in the email that I will get a reply within two business days. This is just the beginning. I have received a lot of broken promises from them. A lot. And I am not just bluffing here. After passing, I constantly checked my status of postpaid application by texting STATUS to 1234 using a Globe Telecom mobile number thinking that somehow, it will at least speed up my application. Boy, was it the worst service ever. And to think that this is the only way that I can check my status, through text! I can’t even call them, probably scared of very very very irate customers! My experience with this customer service through texting was really the worst customer service experience. I have experienced agents ending the session because they don’t the answer, I have experience that right after being connected they end the session probably saw my name and they have already talked to me, so they just ended the session right away because they don’t want to talk to me. Why am I sure about it? Because I text them everyday and I have been seeing the same names regardless of the time I texted them. And based on my observation, they have like less than 20 agents. Probably the reason why it’s very hard to connect to a customer service representative. And another worst thing about customer service representatives being rude is that they know nothing else regarding what they do, they only know to check the status and make reports. Reports that are just a front to make the customer think that they are on to it. But nothing really happens. More details about this report later. The customer service representative also seems like they were not trained. There were a lot of grammar and typo flaws. Did Globe really trained this people?! Are they cutting their budget bu giving the worst customer service ever?! Going back to this reports and broken promises, when you asked for the status and complain, all they will do is make a report to get immediate feedback and give you a reference number, after that the customer service representative will promise you that you will get a feedback within 24 to 48 hours and you will also receive a text from 1234 saying the same thing that you will get a feedback within 24 to 48 hours. So it was the Globe and the customer service representative who promised this feedback. But did I ever received a feedback!? No! I only received a feedback May 11 since April 29! Whoa! What’s with these  broken promises? “Globe doesn’t keep their words. In short, they are just liars.” As to the reference number of this reports and why I said these are just front to fool the customer that they are on to your application, I tried to check the status of the reports that were given to me. And you know what the customer service representative said??! They have limited access and they cannot check the status of this reports. So what the heck is this reports for? They don’t check the reports because you will not really get feedback and they cannot even check the status of the reports that they made!! So this reports are just plain FRONT! I text them everyday, complain and all I get everyday theire reference number that is useless. Imagine, they make a report everyday but I never ever got a response from them aside from May 11. So where are this 24 to 48 hours promises?! And you know what’s worst? My status in 1234 is different from my status according to the call I had with representative last May 11. So I will no start talking about the call I had. The representative just asked me the same questions the sales representative asked me when I applied. Same question?! I wonder what happened to the one I submitted before? Same question, like what type of plan, my name, everything! The sales representative even to forgot to ask me the numbers I want to send unlimited texts and calls as it will be the part of the freebies I chose. Same questions. Birthday, address. What the heck?! Where is the one that I submitted before?! Why are you asking the same questions all over again? The representative even promised that she will call me back within the day to update me about the status but I never got a call. I tried texting and calling the number but no response and I can’t even reach the number. What’s worst is that she keep on saying that she will check the requirements that I submitted, what the heck, you are calling me and you don’t even know where is my requirements and have not even read or checked it?! Really really bad service. She even told me that I will just start to undergo the credit investigation stage, but according to 1234, I was already in the approver stage and that I passed the credit investigation days before I got a call from the representative. What a service! Till now, I have not received a call from that woman who promised me  that she will call me to update me about my status, I guess everyone in Globe are liars and just don’t know how to keep their words. Until now, when I text 1234, they just tell me the status, which is according to them, approver, (approver, what a word, it should even for approval, or whatever. I don’t think the word exists because WordPress puts a red underline with the word approver. What a service. Really.) and just makes reports that are useless. I hate their service. Yes, I know I am just an applicant, but this is the first impression of the customer, they should at least be concerned with how will the customer feel about their service, and if at the start, they already treat their customers like this, what more if I’m already bound to their contract as a postpaid subscriber? Right?
Application for a postpaid line though their website
Well, my experience here is not that bad, but still, it’s not good. This will be about the most recent one, because as for my last year application, I was not able to pass the requirements since I decided not to pursue my application. As for this year, April, I got a reply through text to confirm about my application. I did reply but it took days before I finally got a reply and it will always takes days before I can get a reply from her.  She did not want to accept the proof income that I submitted to her, she was claiming that the credit investigation team will not accept it, during those times, I already submitted application through hotline because it takes days before I can get a reply from her. She don’t want the requirements I submitted her, I wonder why in the hotline, they accepted it? She was asking for a bank statement, I can pass a bank statement to her but decided not to since it is taking forever before I can get a reply from her. So as for my experience with applying through their website was not really  that worst but not good either.
Application for a postpaid line though Globe Telecom center.
This one was last year, for my mom. I asked her to apply for a postpaid line. We were promised that we can get an update after 3 business days. After 3 business days, when I came back, they can’t find my application and they were asking to whom did I submit my application ans what time so that they can ask the persons on duty that time. Since I can’t remember, I decided to go home and just wait for a call. But I never got a call from them. WHAT A SERVICE!!
Overall, my experience with Globe Telecom postpaid line application is certainly the worst customer service ever, now, I am having second thoughts whether I should stay with Globe. I am already thinking of switching provider already. They surely don’t know how to take care of their customer. My review for them?! “ZERO OUT OF TEN STARS! HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!!”
How about you? What is your experience with applying for a postpaid application in Globe Telecom? Let me know in the comments. I have read a lot of complaints in their postpaid line application all over the internet, and I am just one of the victims.

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