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Facebook Bought Instagram: Facebook Is Threatened By Instagram’s Success

Last April 9, 2012, almost everyone is talking about the news of Facebook buying Instagram. It seems to me that Facebook is probably threatened with the success of this app. This app has been showing the numbers Facebook had when they were just starting up. Instagram has been getting incredible and unbelievable numbers from the moment they launched till now that they also launched the app on Android.

The history of Instagram:

First off, we have to say that we never expected the overwhelming response that we’ve seen. We went from literally a handful of users to the #1 free photography app in a matter of hours. But as my cofounder Mike Krieger likes to say, Instagram is an app that only took 8 weeks to build and ship, but was a product of over a year of work.

The story starts when I worked at Nextstop. While I was there working in marketing, I started doing more and more engineering at night on simple ideas that helped me learn how to program (I don’t have any formal CS degree or training). One of these ideas was combining elements of foursquare (check-ins) with elements of Mafia Wars (hence the name Burbn). I figured I could build a prototype of the idea in HTML5 and get it to some friends. Those friends ended up using the prototype without any branding elements or design at all. I spent weekends working on improving the prototype for my friends. At a party for the Hunch folks I ran into a bunch of people who would basically make starting Burbn a reality. At that party were two people from Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. I showed the prototype, and we decided we’d meet up for coffee to talk about it. After the first meeting, I decided to take the dive and leave my job to go solo and see if Burbn could be a company. Within two weeks of leaving, I raised $500k from both Baseline and Andreessen Horowitz, and started work on finding a team.

Mike Krieger and I started talking and he decided he liked the idea of helping start the company. Once he joined, we took a step back and looked at the product as it stood. By this time, we had built Burbn into a (private) really neat HTML5 mobile web app that let you: Check in to locations, Make plans (future check-ins), Earn points for hanging out with friends, post pictures, and much more.

We decided that if we were going to build a company, we wanted to focus on being really good at one thing. We saw mobile photos as an awesome opportunity to try out some new ideas. We spent 1 week prototyping a version that focused solely on photos. It was pretty awful. So we went back to creating a native version of Burbn. We actually got an entire version of Burbn done as an iPhone app, but it felt cluttered, and overrun with features. It was really difficult to decide to start from scratch, but we went out on a limb, and basically cut everything in the Burbn app except for its photo, comment, and like capabilities. What remained was Instagram. (We renamed because we felt it better captured what you were doing — an instant telegram of sorts. It also sounded camera-y)

So 8 weeks later, we gave it to our friends, beta tested, bug fixed, etc. and this Monday we decided it was ready to ship. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but we’re encouraged by the adoption and usage that has far exceeded our bets pre-launch.

Source: Forbes

 My instinct tells me that Facebook got threatened with Instagram’s insta success that made Facebook make a move before it’s too late. Do you think the Instagram’s decision to sell the app wise or not?

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Apple Application Got Icon In Facebook Application

Just now, I saw Apple’s icon for everyone who is using the Facebook through their  iPhones. Blackberry always had their icon in their app which also was the reason for people to be convinced to buy Blackberry. To show off. Now, Apple has it as well. I was actually curious, why just now? I have my Facebook page, and I connected it to my site so that my posts are automatically published to my Facebook page and account. In order to do that, you must have to create a Facebook App first and it is easy to put an icon with a posted via name (iPhone 4s, athenatria.com) And with Apple’s technology, why just put up this icon and posted via iPhone 4s? Just curious. 

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Mandatory Facebook Timeline: Facebook Pages

Yesterday, I updated my Facebook page and upgraded it into a timeline. My Facebook Page is one of the first pages who upgraded into a timeline. By March 30, 2012, all pages will be mandatory.  :67: I don’t really everything about the timeline but it has benefits. You can now even send messages in to pages. Also, what I like with the timeline is the cover photo. Probably the idea of cover photo is from profile banners.  Other than that, the arrangement of posts in timeline is a bit messy, some is on the left, some is on the right. If they made it like before, single column, it would have been better.

A lot of people opposed to the idea of Facebook being mandatory on all accounts, now, they are even making it mandatory on Facebook Pages. What’s next? Facebook groups? It will be more messy if Facebook groups will be in timeline format as well. It will be a headache for people who usually use Facebook groups.. That will be the downfall of Facebook. When they made timeline mandatory on Facebook accounts, some already deleted their accounts because of that, now Facebook Pages? Let us see the effect! A lot of Facebook Pages is from business as well, if these businesses don’t like the new Facebook timeline, what will happen? Will they delete the pages? I wonder what happen now that they are making Facebook Timeline mandatory on Facebook pages as well. What do you think? Leave your comments!

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