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Facebook Bought Instagram: Facebook Is Threatened By Instagram’s Success

Last April 9, 2012, almost everyone is talking about the news of Facebook buying Instagram. It seems to me that Facebook is probably threatened with the success of this app. This app has been showing the numbers Facebook had when they were just starting up. Instagram has been getting incredible and unbelievable numbers from the moment they launched till now that they also launched the app on Android. The history of Instagram: First off, we have to say that we never expected the overwhelming  ...

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Apple Application Got Icon In Facebook Application

Just now, I saw Apple’s icon for everyone who is using the Facebook through their  iPhones. Blackberry always had their icon in their app which also was the reason for people to be convinced to buy Blackberry. To show off. Now, Apple has it as well. I was actually curious, why just now? I have my Facebook page, and I connected it to my site so that my posts are automatically published to my Facebook page and account. In order to do that, you must have to create a Facebook App first  ...

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Mandatory Facebook Timeline: Facebook Pages

Yesterday, I updated my Facebook page and upgraded it into a timeline. My Facebook Page is one of the first pages who upgraded into a timeline. By March 30, 2012, all pages will be mandatory.  :67: I don’t really everything about the timeline but it has benefits. You can now even send messages in to pages. Also, what I like with the timeline is the cover photo. Probably the idea of cover photo is from profile banners.  Other than that, the arrangement of posts in timeline is a bit  ...

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26th People Power Anniversary: Commemoration Of The People Power Through Facebook

Filipino’s has been known for their humor and creativity. Since today is the 26th People Power Anniversary, I found some really cute, creative but informative post that would really fit to today’s celebration. This is the “EDSA PEOPLE POWER I as told through Facebook” (The events and players are true, the status updates are based on fact, and the comments are totally imagined.)   References: (1) Chronology of a Revolution by Angela Stuart Santiago (2) People  ...

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