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Bloggers Can Relate

You must be wondering what’s up with this post, and what will I tackle about.  :110: Yesterday, I was talking to a blogger friend of mine, and we talked about some topics where in we can relate to each other since we are both bloggers.   :57:  

Here are some of the topics you may probably can relate.  :51:

  • Buying domains when there is a sale on going with famous registrars like GoDaddy and NameCheap. Especially if it’s a one dollar domain sale, you can’t find the urge to buy it.  :ag:
  • You start with a one blog, your first blog’s niche is general/personal. As time goes by, you realize what you really want to write about and what topics you are good at.
  • You buy another domain, or start another blog when you realized your forte in writing or the niche you want. Although you have started another blog, you can’t let go of your very first blog or your primary blog. Most of the time, this the URL you enter when commenting in other people’s blogs.
  • As you start to get addicted in blogging, you also start creating many blogs. A different niche per blog.
  • For some, when they discover their niche, because they love their primary blog so much that they just transform this blog into a blog with a focused niche without building another blog.
  • There are times when you really want to write something or blog about something, but your mind is blank and can’t write any post. So you go on blog hopping or searching the internet instead. You have all the time in the world but your mind simply don’t want to cooperate with you.
  • There are times when you have so many topics you want to blog about, but this time, it’s your schedule who doesn’t want to cooperate.
  • When you are new at blogging, and you don’t know anything about web design, you spent your time searching in the internet of a theme that may suit your taste. Eventually, you learn how to customize your theme with the help of Big G (Google) the theme simply becomes a base theme and soon the theme looks like a whole new theme when in fact you just customized everything in it.
  • For newbies without knowledge in web design and can’t afford paid themes, they usually start with a free theme, then customizing it, then when earning from your blog, you start to order a personalized theme.
  • You start to realize the importance of e-mails  :ao: and Google.
  • You begin to know some jargon of the bloggers: PR, SEO, (not only bloggers know about SEO) DA, etc.
  • You join blogging events
  • You join a lot of giveaways, then eventually sponsor or host a giveaway.
  • You begin to feel that blogging is more important than your love life, and you hate it when your partner says: “blogging, or me?!?!”
  • You encourage people to blog, and you want your partner to be a blogger too!
  • You are laughing and saying “I can relate!” while reading this post.


This is just a quick post. I will probably add some more soon or when I have thought of something. Meanwhile, I appreciate if you will comment on this post and suggest what are the things you want to add in this post. In exchange i’ll be putting your links beside your suggestion in this post. What are you waiting for? Comment now!  :yipee: Seriously, I would really like to hear suggestions!  :googlyeyes:

Blogger Apprentice 2012 Contenders’ List: I’m one of the chosen contenders!

Blogger Apprentice 2012
Blogger Apprentice 2012 (Image from bloggermanila.com)


A few hours ago, I received an email from bloggermanila.com. It was a new post, announcing the Blogger Apprentice 2012 Contenders’ List. I didn’t expect much, but I decided to check it out. Guess what? I’m one of the chosen contenders. I really feel grateful for being one of the chosen contenders since I was one of the last minute registrants. I even had a problem because I cannot find the submit button, I was starting to change my mind about joining. But since I got a reply from them, I still joined the registration last March 04, 2012. I remembered today to check their blog but I did not yet because I got lazy and remembered that I am subscribed to their newsletter. Good thing I joined, now, http://athenatria.com/ is officially one of the chosen contenders. Here are the list of the contenders:


Read more here: http://www.bloggermanila.com/blogs/2012/blogger-apprentice-2012-contenders-list/

Most non bloggers and my partner, the first thing that they ask when I joined something in blogosphere is what is that and if if there is a prize. Yes, there is a prize in the blogger apprentice, the prize will be for the top 3 and top 6. As one of the contenders, the prize is not the only thing that I am after. I am after with the things that I may learn in the program, the experience, the exclusive opportunities for the contenders, the recognition if I will win, the achievement. I want something that I can be proud of, and even before I started blogging, I told myself that I hope someday my blog will be known and that someday I may achieve and be recognized. I think this is every bloggers hope when starting a blog. And I know this blogger apprentice is one of my first few steps to achieve that dream. I feel blessed for having this kind of opportunities to achieve it. Yes I want to win, but even if I won’t win, I will still be happy because of the experience and the knowledge that I will gain. Win or lose, I can be proud of myself and say “I’m a winner!” I still wish to win to open more door of opportunities, so do support and pray for me.  :93: Thank you Blogger Manila for giving me this opportunity!  :googlyeyes: To know more about the Blogger Apprentice read here: http://www.bloggermanila.com/blogs/2012/search-for-the-blogger-apprentice-2012/


I will visit the chosen bloggers soon so that I can get to know them before the event on March 17, 2012. Meeting more friends again at the same time.  :givelove: