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Bloggers Can Relate

You must be wondering what’s up with this post, and what will I tackle about.  :110: Yesterday, I was talking to a blogger friend of mine, and we talked about some topics where in we can relate to each other since we are both bloggers.   :57:   Here are some of the topics you may probably can relate.  :51: Buying domains when there is a sale on going with famous registrars like GoDaddy and NameCheap. Especially if it’s a one dollar domain sale, you can’t find the urge to  ...

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Blogger Apprentice 2012 Contenders’ List: I’m one of the chosen contenders!

  A few hours ago, I received an email from It was a new post, announcing the Blogger Apprentice 2012 Contenders’ List. I didn’t expect much, but I decided to check it out. Guess what? I’m one of the chosen contenders. I really feel grateful for being one of the chosen contenders since I was one of the last minute registrants. I even had a problem because I cannot find the submit button, I was starting to change my mind about joining. But since I  ...

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Nuffnang’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

Last night, I spend the night with other Nuffies and Nuffnang’s team, with my blogger friends, Lhyzie Bongon, Jo-ann Ramirez, and my plus 1, Grysh Co. It was a night to remember. The celebration, like as mentioned in my previous post, it was in Borough, The Podium, Philippines. Dang, such a nice celebration!  :oink:  I wish Nuffnang a  :hbd: :ad: :ab: :8: :az: :flower:  more advertisers to come so more earnings for us bloggers as well!  :110:  Here are some of my favorite shots of the  ...

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