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Blogging Needs A Heart

When you blog, you don’t only need to be updated with the latest trends, or be an excellent writer, you must have the heart to blog. A blogger must have the heart to be able to have a very nice blog. When you make a post, you don’t just make a post, bloggers use their hearts when they make a post. You must have the heart, the passion in order to have a blog that will exist for years. You treat your blog as a part of yourself. You love your blog just like the materials that you  ...

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A Family That Blogs Together, Stays Together

When I started blogging, I also felt the need encourage everyone in blogging.  :51: I felt that blogging will is more worth of your time rather than just being in social networking sites. I have nothing against social networking. In fact, it helps drive traffic to your site. It’s just sometimes, people already use it in a wrong way.  :71: I felt so happy about blogging and I really wanted my partner to start blogging too. It took me a while. Finally, I was able to convince him. He is  ...

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Bloggers Can Relate

You must be wondering what’s up with this post, and what will I tackle about.  :110: Yesterday, I was talking to a blogger friend of mine, and we talked about some topics where in we can relate to each other since we are both bloggers.   :57:   Here are some of the topics you may probably can relate.  :51: Buying domains when there is a sale on going with famous registrars like GoDaddy and NameCheap. Especially if it’s a one dollar domain sale, you can’t find the urge to  ...

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My “Call Me Belle” Blog 2009

I suddenly remembered the URL of my blog last 2009. It was wordpress too. And my, was it hilarious, really. Compared to my blog right now, it seems to my that is blog of a kid! Hahaha. But in fact, I was in  first year college by that time.  :67: It was funny. I don’t know why. It has only 3 posts, with 1 category, 1 page and 2 tags, with the comments, I don’t think it has a comment. I decided to export these 3 posts. Browse through my archives and you will see that there is 3  ...

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