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Viber 3.0: Viber on Desktop for Windows and Mac OS

Yesterday, May 7, 2013, the Viber 3.0 was released for iOS. This upgrade has a lot of cool new features including: – Support for all new Viber Desktop – on Windows and Mac OS – Transfer live calls between Viber on your iPhone and Viber on your Desktop. Check out the complete list of changes in the latest update in the picture below.     Watch Viber’s official YouTube video about their latest offer, Viber on Desktop!     This can be considered a  ...

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Facebook Bought Instagram: Facebook Is Threatened By Instagram’s Success

Last April 9, 2012, almost everyone is talking about the news of Facebook buying Instagram. It seems to me that Facebook is probably threatened with the success of this app. This app has been showing the numbers Facebook had when they were just starting up. Instagram has been getting incredible and unbelievable numbers from the moment they launched till now that they also launched the app on Android. The history of Instagram: First off, we have to say that we never expected the overwhelming  ...

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Instagram: Now Available for Android Users!

I recently posted about Instagram app developers plan on launching the Instagram for Android users as well. It was launched April 3, 2012 and was used by 1 million users right away! Android users have been looking forward for this app that is why the moment they launched it, it already reached 1 million users! Instagram has been the apple of the eye everyone even before when it was only available for Apple users. Non-Apple users has been envious of this app, some where even frustrated why  ...

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Instagram on Android

  A lot of non-Apple users has been waiting for this. Instagram has been very popular in a snap. They had 25 thousand registrants on the day of their launching and was picked as Apple’s app of the year last December.  :84: I found out about this in because in the recruitment process, one of the tasks was to pick a headline in huffingtonpost and summarized it in three bullets. I purposely chose this since I am a fan of Instagram.   Instagram is only  ...

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