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She’s Dating The Gangster Book Release

Just a quick post. I’ve recently saw the hashtag #SDTGBookRelease on Twitter. I got curious about if it’s really going to be released soon or it’s just fans requesting She’s Dating The Gangster to be published. I went back reading on tweets and checked the account of Miss Bianca and the official Twitter account of She’s Dating The Gangster and found out that it was true. She’s Dating The Gangster will be out around first or second week of March.

I’m one of the thousands of fans of She’s Dating The Gangster. I’ve cried a lot in this book even before it was published. There’s a lot of gangster books out there, but all I can say is this is one of the best. If I’m not mistaken, this book started the gangster type book of trend in Wattpad. One advice, don’t judge the book by it’s title. Seriously. I thought this will be corny type of book because of the gangster word in the title, but it’s not. This book is like a modern type of Romeo and Juliet way. A perfect way to write a tragedy themed book. I haven’t purchased the book yet, but I already HIGHLY RECOMMEND She’s Dating The Gangster!



It’s official! She’s Dating The Gangster is now out in the market! I’ve read some tweets saying they I already got a copy in Market! Market! Congratulations Miss Bianca. You truly deserve this! I’m pretty sure this will get awards sooner or later.

Will update this post when I finally purchased my own copy of She’s Dating The Gangster.

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