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Okay, last December 26, 2011 when I had some Christmas shopping :109: with my family, I bought some make up. a little gift for myself. :82: Yey. I decided that I still should look good :13: even though I am already. I still have to fix myself and how I look. After all, I don’t want to look bad just because I am mom. I don’t want to look old for myself. :101: I want to look like my mom, she don’t look like her age, she looks like around 23 or something. :71: If I’m not mistaken, someone even said I look older than her!!! :73: SO I decided from now on, I want to look good, and feel good. :67: Let me put that in my new year’s resolution list! :9: Kidding. I don’t really have a list, I wrote it in my heart! :9: I don’t want to promise anything but I want to be like the person I want to be this year. :85: So I want to keep this resolution to myself, enough with the blabbing and just action. :cute:

Moving on with the make up, at first, I want to buy at Etude House since this make up shop is known for it’s Kawaii or cute products. :93: Unfortunately, make up is not on my budget. I was about to decide not to buy, but my husband told me to walk around first. We ate at KFC and Ice cream from Scoopery I think :74: :77: then we went on walking. While walking on the SM department store, I walked through different make up products from different manufacturers, Etude house is there again, I looked again, they have some cheap lip balms but I didn’t like it. And then I saw Shawill. Sounds Japanese so I went to look at it. :69: There you go, I found something similar to what I like in Etude House at a lot cheaper size.So I decided to buy it. :yipee: Since make up is not in my budget, I decided to buy one piece and collect make up little by little.My old make up is probably expired and I don’t want to use them anymore, I want to start again and start at scratch. So this will be my first item for my collection. :b:

Shawill Make Up

The Make up I bought from Shawill

A little review for Shawill. :cute: (This is not a paid review)

Shawill offers quality make ups for a cheap price. It doesn’t compensate the price for the quality. And I like it. I have been using it for a about a week now and I don’t have any complaints about it. If you are looking for a cheap quality make up and don’t want the ones you see in “tiangge” (marketplace) You can try using Shawill, like I did. :93:

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  1. camile

    January 16, 2012 at 6:07 am

    delight, re-upload this??? kudos!! xoxo

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