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Permalink Moved Permanently

Recently, there was a WordPress update released. It was the 3.3.1 which now enables you to change your permalink structure to domain+postname. Which is really cool. Say goodbye to those unwanted numbers. You got attracted to it so you changed it right away.  :110: Without thinking that this may affect your search engine visitors. :14: Your old blog posts that you used with your old permalink structure will be the one in the search engine.  :67: So basically, if they clicked that, they will be redirected to a “Error 404” page.  :71: And of course, you don’t want that!  :4: Good thing I noticed from my feedjit widget that a lot visitors get redirected to a “page not found” page. I got curious and check it out. :130: I got furious when I found out it was because I changed my permalink.  :93: I got sad and thought of disregarding it.  :a: I thought there wont be a way to fix it but realizing my best friend Google can always help me find the solution to my problem.  :13: I thought there might be a plugin for this because I am sure I am not the first person to encounter this error.  :googlyeyes: Google, Google, voila! I first tried “Dean’s Permalink Migration,” to my disappointment, it didn’t work for me.  :41: I didn’t gave up! I went to Permalink Moved Permanently and tadah!!  :40: I got my problem fixed! I shared this plugin because I don’t want to keep the solution to myself.  :av: Hope this helped you guys! Comment if it did.  :99: If you want to try Dean’s Permalink Migration, you can do so, just Google it. I didn’t placed the link here because it didn’t worked for me, probably because it’s an old plugin.  :cute: Anyhow, I will wait for your comments if it did helped you.  :givelove:

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  1. irawan

    April 11, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    can this plugin make hosting overload?

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