TCL Philippines: Cityline C1 and TitanGold Air Conditioners

TCL continues to revolutionize premium home entertainment with its innovative industry design and immersive picture quality. Through the years, it has gained universal praise as one of the world’s most respected TV brands, recently bagging the CES Innovation Award for its cutting edge design and engineering work on TCL 110’’ curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV.

As a top-tier brand for consumer electronics products, TCL wants to pursue an innovation-driven growth by introducing QUHD in the Philippines. Equipped with a unique Quantum Dot Display Technology which far exceeds UHD TVs in terms of display effects, definition and color purity, QUHD TV Series attempts to bring the cinematic experience into the household while also offering functional and interactive features in the product. QUHD TV line also makes use of supreme home entertainment technologies and top hardware configurations to create the strongest high-end portfolio across the market.

In its efforts to expand the QUHD TV line, TCL introduces Cityline (C1)—one of the first-rate products of QUHD to be released in the Philippines on the first half of 2016. Available in both flat and curved designs, with sizes ranging from 50” and 55” to 65”, it redefines upscale watching experience with its stunning image quality, elegant design, powerful hardware and ultimate entertainment content. “The QUHD Product line carries TCL’s most advanced TV technology in terms of picture quality, features, and hardware,” CEO of TCL Philippines, Mr. Eason Cai, shares in an interview. “However, our main advantage over our competitor’s high end products is our ability to produce the same quality and innovative technology at low cost.” The product also takes pride of its elegant feel, equipped with a 9.9mm slim screen, metallic body and bezel design.




This year, TCL is taking steps in bringing The Creative Life to an entirely better place with its top-notch selection of TitanGold air conditioners. Unlike its contemporaries in the local market, TitanGold air conditioners aim to provide cooling solutions fit for the needs of every Filipino household. “We want the Filipino consumer to know that TCL is not only a TV brand but is a brand that will deliver quality appliances from home entertainment to home appliances,” Cai clears. “We want TCL to be a staple in the Filipino household and that we are a brand that they can trust and continue to rely on.” Aside from its reliable features, TitanGold Airconditioners are eco-friendly and packed with 5-in-1 Health Filters ─ Photocatalyst Filter, Silver Ion Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Catechin Filter and a Vitamin-enriching Filter, providing safe and healthy breathable indoor air for you and your family. It takes pride of its gold-plated aluminum louver fins, ideally built to prevent and withstand extreme rusting and corrosion through its unique hydrophilic properties.

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Biscuits For King and Queen

How many food brands can proudly claim that they carry the Royal Seal of Approval and a rich 120-year-old history?

Perhaps there is just one—McVitie’s, whose heritage began in 1830 via a provision shop in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. And by 1892, became the bakers of the world’s 1st Digestive whose traditional secret recipe has been used until today.

In 1893, the company was asked to bake the wedding cake for the union of Princess Mary of Teck and the Duke of York, who later became Queen Mary and King George V. The magnificent cake, truly fit for royalty, stood six feet tall and weighed 466 pounds.

Because of this “royal” feat in baking, McVitie’s received the Royal Seal of Approval. Since then, it became a tradition for British royals to have their christening and wedding cakes done by McVitie’s and Price. Among the company’s distinguished list of illustrious royal clients include King George VI and Queen Elisabeth in 1923 and the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece in 1934.

But McVitie’s turn-of-the-20th-century accolades did not stop. About two years ago in 2011, Prince William, the next heir to the British throne, requested that one of their cakes during his wedding to Catherine Middleton be made of McVitie’s chocolate biscuit. Prince William was fond of this biscuit during teatime as a child and for that momentous occasion in his life, he asked McVitie’s to create it according to a special recipe from the Buckingham Palace kitchens.

Buckingham Palace then sent the recipe to chefs at McVitie’s, who then made a wedding-sized confection composed of more than 1,700 biscuits and nearly 40 pounds of rich and luscious chocolate.

“It has a couple of secret ingredients we can’t tell you about but it will have dark chocolate to give it a really nice flavor, and use rich tea biscuits that will be broken up,” said McVitie’s head chef before the wedding.

You don’t have to be royal to enjoy McVitie’s Digestives biscuits. Now available at leading supermarkets nationwide, Filipinos will now get the chance to experience this biscuit treat fit for Kings and Queens.

For more information about McVitie’s Digestives, you may visit their official website or join their Facebook fanpage

Back To School 2013 in Tutuban Mall

Back to School 2013 Tutuban


School days are just around the corner and summer vacation is almost at its end. Some kids would want their vacation extended, at least for a few more days, but there are also those already very excited to go back to school to see their friends, probably meet new ones, and to learn new things, and of course, to show off and use their new possessions.

So parents, get ready to gear them up with cool but very useful stuff. But before you hit the shops, makes sure to have a checklist of your child’s school needs this will save you a lot of time and money. You may also show this to your child, so he/she will have an idea of things to buy and lessen the possibility of tantrums over things he/she won’t use.

Of course, buying back-to- school supplies at a bargain price would be a big help. And shopping at Tutuban Center would be the best go-to place not just for great deals but also for comfortable shopping experience. At Tutuban Center you’ll find all the learning tools your children will need in the school—of good quality yet at affordable prices.

Don’t settle for old and used school uniform if you can buy them brand new but at a lower price at Tutuban Center. It has tailoring and dress shops where various readymade school uniforms are available.

All around Tutuban, there are a lot of school supplies stores where you can choose from a wide selection of kids’s back-to-school supplies such as notebooks, and lined papers, writing supplies, arts and craft materials, highlighters, crayon, and other coloring materials, learning tools, school bags, and even classroom supplies

There are also shops where you can buy calculators, electronic gadgets, computer and computer accessories. Prescribed text books and even hard to find books are also available in bookstores at Tutuban Center. These bookstores also carry a variety of dictionaries, thesaurus, and various study aids for shopper’s convenience.

After all the shopping and other preparations, your kid will be ready for school in no time. They will be all geared up for another year of fun and learning. All you have to do is just visit one place to get all the stuff your kids need, all of it at Tutuban Center.

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