Mobile Case Ideas For Your Phone

Nowadays, it’s really important to have a case for your phone. It serves different purposes. Some people want to use a mobile case to preserve the aesthetic of the phone. So that if ever they decided to sell it afterwards, they could sell it at a pretty good value. Some people just want to protect their phone. They just want to protect it from drops that may permanently damage the phone. While some people just want to make the most out of their phones. I’m sharing below some cool mobile case ideas for your phone.

Wooden Phone Case



Wooden Phone Case from jimmyCASE


How often do you see people around using a wooden phone case? It serves a very unique and sleek design for your phone. Show off your phone with style when you use wooden phone case from jimmyCASE.

iPhone Wallet Cases

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a case that can function as a wallet at the same time? It will be easy to give out business cards, retrieve your credit card or just put out a bill? The iPhone wallet cases from jimmyCASE holds 6 cards and cash. It has full-frame protection. It’s also a genuine mahogany case that makes it durable and stylish. It has an integrated bumper for your phone’s protection. It also features lay-on-the-table screen protection so you never have to worry about scratches if aesthetics is one of your main concern.

The cases from jimmyCASE is handmade in the USA and has 30 Days no risk guarantee. And the good news is, iPhone 7 card holder  and iPhone 7 Plus card holder is also already available at their site.


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