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Lovesick Movie Review (Love Phobia)

A few days ago, I tried to watch a Taiwanese movie since I have been watching dramas, I tried a movie as well.  :25: I was surprised by how fast the story ended because compared to dramas, it was like just one episode. :127: I watched Lovesick online, as usual, in Here is my very first movie review for a Taiwanese Drama.  :71:


Lovesick Taiwanese Movie

Lovesick Taiwanese Movie (Image From Viki.Com)

Lovesick Taiwanese Movie (Image From Viki.Com)

Lovesick Taiwanese Movie (Image From Viki.Com)


Main Cast:

  • Li Yi Feng
  • Ariel Lin
  • Wilson Chen

I like the movie because it was a different Ariel Lin in the movie. She suits the role and it was really funny. The movie was very quick for me, yet, I felt the chemistry between the leading lady and leading man. :123:  My rating for the movie is 4 out of 5 because there was no impact in me after watching the movie. The story is not that good, and compared to other Asian movies, this one is not that interesting and I have liked other movies than this one. The problem was the story. I can’t really elaborate the story but in short, the story was not that interesting and is quite common. Bottom line. this movie is not highly recommended for me, but for some it is. I saw it got the highest number of Facebook likes in, but for me, the movie was just not that great, so I gave them a 4 out of 5.  :4: I would rather recommend Ariel Lin’s dramas rather than this movie. How about you? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!  :93:

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