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Jollibee Foods Corporation: Scholarship Grant

Jollbee Foods Corporation Scholar


My partner was one of the students who was granted a scholarship with the help of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) as his sponsor. And last Saturday, April 20, 2013 was his graduation. My partner studied in Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong City. He took up Refrigeration and Airconditon in the TVET department.

Since it was in Don Bosco, it was really quite expensive. We already know that Jollibee Foods Corporation has been giving out scholarship grants that’s why he decided to enroll there. I am very thankful that he was one of those who received the scholarship grant. We all know that he needs the scholarship. Without the scholarship he wouldn’t be able to finish even a TESDA course because of financial problems. Thanks to JFC he is now an official graduate of Don Bosco Technical College.

I was impressed with Jollibee Foods Corporation’s generosity. I saw how they treated the scholars. All the help was from the heart. I heard a lot about JFC from my partner. Aside from the scholarship grant, JFC gives them monthly allowance, a special English Proficiency Class, and more. JFC changed the life of the scholars. Just remembering now the story of the Most Outstanding Student from my partner’s batch made me teary already.

The story of that Most Outstanding Student is a must share. His speech during the graduation really moved my heart. That student was one of those people whom the society judge as the “patapon na” (hopeless) type of kids. He started working as early as high school. He got separated from his parents to study and work. And because of the longing for a family’s love and comfort and the society’s trust, he got addicted to gambling, alcohol and even drugs. Thanks to JFC, he was given a chance to prove himself. To prove that he can contribute something to the society, help his family, and to prove that everyone can change, it’s never too late. He inspired me. And that also made me admire JFC for their support and financial help to these kids. They are not only helping the kids but the society as well. I hope there will be more companies who will help and give out scholarship grants too. There a lot of kids who wants to study but can’t afford. I’m one of them. I’m hoping someday I can find someone who can sponsor my studies. If it’s not too late to that Most Outstanding student then it must be not too late for me too. I am not giving up on my dream to be a lawyer and finish my Legal Management course. I know God will help me. I just have help myself and do my own fair share to achieve my dreams.

And to JFC, I may not be one of those who were given a scholarship but I want to say thanks. Thank you for helping my partner and that Most Outstanding student. Kudos and I hope you will continue with your generosity. You really made an awesome job helping out these kids.

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  1. Ely M. Falible Jr.

    July 5, 2013 at 11:01 am

    I want to finish my bachelor’s degree but I don’t no how……gusto ko kasing tumulong hindi lang sa sarili ko kundi maging sa aking mga magulang sa probinsya…….sana mo matulungan niyo ako……salamat po.

    ely m. falible

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