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January 24, 2012 Our Daily Bread


Simple reflection:

Do I make time in my schedule for worship and rest?

How can worship transform my thinking and living?

How can rest help me to see God and life more clearly?


Like what I said for yesterday’s entry, people nowadays are really busy.  :40: Do you remember when was the last time you heard mass with your family. Are you guys complete?  :110: This is quite simple and you may say it’s nothing but we tend that these simple things are sometimes the most important things.  :9: Like hearing mass on Sunday and having a rest on a Sunday.  :82: What do people usually do nowadays on a Sunday? Eat on the mall,  :77: :74:  shopping,  :109: :109: sometimes pass by on a mass inside the mall.  :aa: We forget the through meaning of hearing mass and resting on a Sunday, we forget it’s meaning. “God rested on the last day.”  :yipee: Even God took a rest.  :69: Today’s entry deals with hearing mass on a Sunday and having a rest, let us reflect on the 3 questions above that is stated below the today’s entry of Our Daily Bread 2012.  :99:Do you want to share your answers? Feel free to contact me here. :ao:  I would like to hear your stories.  :67:


“Time spent with the Lord is time well spent.” (Our Daily Bread 2012)

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