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Happy First Monthsary, athenatria.com

Happy Monthsary!

Last December 1, 2011, I bought my domain, www.athenatria.com from GoDaddy. I was really happy. And now, I am remembering and celebrating that day. January 1 is the first ever monthsary of my very first domain name. This new year is special for my online life. December 31, 2011, I had my one year subscription of web hosting. Yey! :yipee: A lot of people may not understand, but this stuff are important to me. :20: I will never let my site have a down time again. :121: I will take care of this domain, I swear. :googlyeyes: I just hope the readers who tried to visit would still be back and visit me here. :103:

Since this is just a monthsary, although this is special, I wont have a raffle, contest, or even a giveaway. I swear that I will do so this year, but not now. Probably when I will be hired in a stable job in oDesk,I will do so. :51:

Piece of advice to all the bloggers out there: DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR BLOG! :66:

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