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Happy Birthday, Emmanuel Orillo! and Condolence. :(

Just wanted to make some quick greetings to the daddy of princess Aphrodite, Emmanuel Orillo, a happy happy birthday.  :hbd: :gift: :ab: :ad: :8: :az: :b:

There wasn’t much of a celebration, and although we live in the same house, we didn’t even spent some time together. Although it is a bit sad, I understand.  :ag: I also want to grab the opportunity to say with deepest sincerity, “condolence.”  :15: His grandmother has recently died last February 1, a few days before his birthday.. :a:  You may know it, but I also feel sad for your loss. Mami has also been really nice to me.. I don’t want to talk much about this because just thinking about the good things she did for me already makes me feel sad and wanna cry.  :41: Mami was there when I had some serious problems with your mom when I was pregnant… (uh-oh..some real tears are coming……  :argh: ) She was there when my own grandmother sent me away.. She was the one who offered a place for me to stay through the night when my own grandmother doesn’t even want me to sleep at her big house.  :a: (Damn. Now I wasn’t able to stop my tears…  :15: ) Mami has always been really nice to me.. I remember last Christmas and last last Christmas.. I also remembered when she invited me to join the last family reunion you had..  :87: (I already had a feeling that it might be the last.  :38:) She brought me because she wanted me to be there and doesn’t care if your mom will be angry.  :he: Gaahhhhh… I really want to stop writing this post right now.. Although you don’t feel it, I feel sad for her death.  :41: I have to end this post right now. I need to stop crying. Again, my sincerest condolence and happy birthday.  :38:

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