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Farewell, My Dear Uncle, Richard..

Tito Richard Martinez

I heard from a friend, there is nothing “good” in “goodbye” so why say goodbye? You can then at least say “Farewell.”

Farewell, my dear uncle Richard, my uncle whom I celebrate the same birthday, April 22. You have been a good father, and a good grandfather. You are very lucky to have at least achieve a good farewell before you bid your last breath on Earth. Why? You are able to see your grandchildren, you were able to see your youngest kid graduate from high school, you are assured that the 2 kids left that have not finished studying will be able to finish their studies because you have a son who will take over your role while you are away. And most of all, you were able to say goodbye to your family.. You were able to wait for them to accept that it’s time for you to take a rest.. You have lived a fruitful life here on Earth, you were able to make true friends, and you were able to fulfill the dream of every parent, to have their family live in their own house. Uncle, you were a good father, a good grandfather, and a good friend. That is how I know you..

To my cousins, that is, my uncle’s children and wife as well.. Don’t be sad. Always remember that this is not the end, and uncle is now on his way to a new life. A life without end, and without worries. A life wherein all of us is bound to go after our life here on Earth. Remember that uncle’s life here on Earth has been fruitful and a memory that we will always treasure in our hearts. A memory that we could all keep while he is currently not with us. Remember that today may be our last hug to uncle but that’s for a while, we will see each other again. This is not the end, but the beginning of a new life for uncle. Uncle is happy now for he felt all your love during his life here on Earth, and even on the last days he have on Earth, I’m pretty sure that he is happy, because his family was able to accept that it’s time for him to leave Earth and move to a better life,a better world, and to be with the best friend anyone can have, “Jesus.”

Let us all make uncle feel happy and not worried by showing him that we will embrace the sad truth that he has to leave before us to see our Lord. But then again, this is not goodbye, nor farewell, but this is the beginning for uncle Richard. Remember that death is one of our blessings, and that it is inevitable. But death does not mean that we will never feel his presence anymore or that they have left us. They just have to leave earlier than us, we will always feel their presence in our hearts and in our minds. They will always be there, they did not leave us, we may not see them through our own eyes for now, we can see them through our hearts. Death is one of God’s gifts, because this is the beginning of a never ending carefree life with God.

Uncle Richard, we are lucky to have met you and had you as part of the family and as a friend. You spent your life in Earth worthwhile. Thank you for the chance to have known you. You are a great person. Till we meet again, uncle Richard, we love you!

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