Eyelash Extensions and their Side Effects

For women who have thin and short eyelashes, eyelash extensions may seem like a godsend. A lady can apply these extensions on her own so that she can make her natural lashes longer and fuller. These extensions can be purchased at beauty parlors or cosmetics shops. There are also semi-permanent eyelash extensions that can be applied by professional beauticians.

But, it should be stressed that eyelash extensions are only a temporary measure. This is because there have been a number of side effects noted with its use. If you are presently using false eyelashes, you should take note of the following side effects. If any of them should develop, you should discontinue use or else it may cause great damage to your eyelashes and even your eyes themselves.

Greater Eyelash Loss

Increased rate of eyelash loss should be expected if you use your extensions for a longer period of time. Called traction alopecia, this condition has the extensions end up causing too much tension on the natural eyelash follicles. If you are lazy and you don’t remove your extensions before going to bed at night or you use them for the entire week before taking them off and changing them, your eyelash follicles may weaken and become damaged, which may ultimately lead to permanent lash loss.

Increased Eye Sensitivity

When you use eyelash extensions, you may develop increased sensitivity to the extensions themselves or the substances use to attach them. If you already have a history of allergies or have sensitive skin, you may develop irritation, itchiness and rashes on the eyelid skin where the extensions are attached. If the irritating substance is not removed immediately, your eyes may become more itchy and watery and your eyelids may swell up.

Eye Infections or Injuries

Regardless of whether they are made from human hair or synthetic materials, eyelash extensions are considered as foreign bodies and may cause infections or injuries if they get into the eye. Attachments of extensions even at the hands of a professional are not risk free. The eyes may get injured if the tweezers slip and hits the eyeball or glue or the extension itself gets into the eyes. This may lead to eye soreness, pain and visual impairment or blindness if the injury is that serious. The risk for infections is even greater. Bacteria and viruses can accumulate on the extensions and under the adhesive. If these bacteria enter the eye, they can cause a number of infections, including conjunctivitis and sties, which can destroy your vision.


Before you use eyelash extensions, make sure that they and the glue used to stick them to your lashes and eyelids are hypoallergenic. Perform a skin test an hour or two before the application of the extensions to determine if you are not allergic to it. Always remove the extensions before you go to bed at night. Change your extensions every 3 months or even less to prevent contamination by bacteria.

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