I just logged in to find out all my earnings were gone!!! What a scam.
If there’s a problem with their website I don’t care as long as they fix it. If not I will consistently blog about them being a SCAM. EARN MAILER IS A SCAM. I repeat, EARNMAILER IS A SCAM!

To earn mailer, I’m giving you another chance, if I will lose my earnings again, you will not like it. You will see everywhere that your website is a SCAM.


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Athena Jeunnesse Mae M. Tria


  1. Well, you’re absolutely right. Earmailer is a plain SCAM! My 2-dollar earnings just became $0.01. Dammit!

    With regards to their raffle thingy? Don’t believe it! It’s just a deception.

    EARNmailer is a SCAM!

      1. My account just suddenly disappeared. Whenever I try to log in to earnmailer, a notification will say that my email ad is not yet registered. How on earth did it happen? I still have their logo in my email signature. I already have 0.64$ as earnings. Seems small yet its not about the amount, its about the truth of what the earnmailer is claiming…

  2. I’m not sure if Earnmailer is a scam, but they give me load worth 10php or $0.22, and my current earnings is only $0.21. why do they give me load? id they are actually a scam?

  3. Earnmailer is not a scam! I have use my earnings to replenish my cellphone load several times. If you have any problem with your account, contact them so that they can fix the error. They will respond to your concern as what they did when i got problem loading a smartbro sim. Loading is not successful but the transaction still deducted from my earning. I have reported the issue then they have reversed the transaction.

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