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DMAI, Inc.: From A Seminar Attendee To Employee

DMAI, Inc. Batch 1 Social Media Analyst's Orientation

DMAI, Inc. Batch 1 Social Media Analyst’s Orientation


If you guys have been following my blog, you probably have read about my post about Decision-Making, Analytics and Intelligence (DMAI, Inc.) and you are probably familiar that as a blogger I get invited to cover events. And one of the events that I covered soon became my stepping stone.

DMAI, Inc., was previously Daniel Meyer Analytics Inc. as I have blogged here: This was my post before I attended the seminar. I thought it was just part of my events that I will cover as a blogger, I didn’t know that soon, it will change my life. (If you are curious how my Analytics training went last February 23, 2013, you can read about it here:

When I saw Dan Meyer’s post that he’s looking for Social Media Analysts. I immediately applied and also asked my husband to apply too since according to the job post, undergraduates are welcome. We both gave it a shot, and we don’t regret it a bit. I couldn’t ask for more. Dan Meyer is a very nice employer, he knows how to handle people, which didn’t surprised me at all since he worked in Wells Fargo Bank for 15 years. He gives us tasks that will fit to our skills. He also provided everything we needed to perform our duty as social media analyst; he provided the laptop and internet allowance. I have been working as a freelancer online for about a year now, and this is my first time to come across a job who will provide you the laptop and give you internet allowance. If you are a freelancer right now, you know that we are the ones who need to invest on a good laptop and internet connection. This is not part of a client’s responsibility, in fact, clients look for freelancers who have a good connection and laptop/PC that can keep up with the job. But with Dan Meyer, it’s the other way around. He probably knows that investing a laptop is not that easy in the Philippines. Boy, how thankful I am right now that I applied to DMAI, Inc! This is too good to be true, but yeah, it’s true! That’s why I am truly grateful. Truly grateful to God, my mom and of course, DMAI, Inc. I’m lucky to be part of the team, in the morning I still have time to play and take care of my baby, in the afternoon, I can work at peace because I can see her while I work and in the evening, I can sleep beside her, and most all, I love my job and I enjoy what I do.

I am not a sycophant, I just want to share my experience to you. You don’t know how thankful I am right now to be a part of DMAI, Inc. Just so you know, this is a home based job. Yep. You read it right. There will be a few meetings in person, but the job is basically home based. Like I said, I couldn’t really ask for more right now. All I can say is that I am happy with my job in DMAI, Inc. and I am willing to share the opportunity to you. As of writing this post, Dan Meyer is still looking for applicants. You can read more on how to apply here:

Good luck on your job hunt and hope to see you soon!

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