I’ve never been this contented in my life. Since I’ve realized that he’s the guy i want to be with. He’s intelligent, tame, conservative. Imagine all my qualities turned upside down. Imagine all my qualities the opposite way. That’s him. The opposite version of me. I want to believe that opposites do attract.

Last week, i kept on thinking of him. It’s like there is a part of me missing somewhere and i can’t seem to find it. I dreamed of him  more that 3 times. I didn’t expect that i will feel this way. For all i know, he’s just a ‘potential crush.’ whoa! Then why was i dreaming of him? Why was i thinking of him? I admire him so much. And just thinking of him makes me smile. i can’t believe it. One morning, i woke up, smiling because i dreamed of him. While walking, thinking of him, i smile widely. I imagine what those people i passed by was thinking! Boy! I bet they thought i was crazy or freaking out, something like that. Haha.

Last Saturday, boy, was it great! i was not totally with him, but we were in the same room. Laughing! Just seeing him smile, i felt my heart jump continuously! Why is that? I suddenly realized it felt odd. While yesterday, i found out things that up to now bothers me. Kay said she overheard Kim and company talking. They said that before, when they tease him, he frowns, and gets mad. Now that they were teasing him to me, he reacted differently. He was smiling. just like me. While they were telling those things to me, I’m finding it hard to hide my smile. Who won’t? Haha. What i found out yesterday made my spirits up. I don’t feel hopeless at all.

I texted him last night, telling him that i wasn’t able to attend that 6pm mass because of the Love Express Booth. And told him that i wasn’t able to see him. ( Did i told him that i was sad i wasn’t able to see him? I’m not really sure. ) I was obsessively sad i wasn’t able to see him. I walked home very slowly, looking at the stars while thinking of him. As if his face was there. Odd. When i woke up in the morning, i saw an unread message from him, he said, ‘why did you texted me? nothing. i just got credits. Hehe.  goodnight.’ i hate myself for not being able to reply with his message. He rarely sends text messages and missing to reply even a single text makes me pissed off. What more was when i looked at the last text i wasn’t able to read, it was sent 11:09, and his message was sent at 11:15. just freaking 15min! i missed to beep him back! if i just stayed up for another 15min! i would have able to reply to that message! the message that made my day. i didn’t erased his message and every time i see his name in my inbox, i smile widely. like a child who saw the sun for the first time. =)

I’m contented. Really. I am. Thanks to him. Thanks to God. ♥

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