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Thousand Teas Blog Event

Last December 1, 2012 I was invited for the “Thousand Teas” blog event. It was one of the events that are unforgettable to me. I learned about a lot about teas. Teas were not part of our culture and so we don’t know much about teas except the fact that nowadays, milk teas are a big hit. But did you know there are like literally thousand kinds of teas. I learned a lot about it. “Knowing your tea from leaf to cup.” It was the managing director of thousand teas,  ...

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All about Pinoy!, Blogs, Informative, Press Release

Pinoy Junior Masterchef Kyle Imao Press Photo Release

Another one of the PRESS PHOTO :30: RELEASE  :yipee: Kyle Imao does the ribbon cutting for PIFBEX (Philippine International Food & Bevarage Expo) and HORECA (Hotel Restaurant and Caterer Expo) It was March 1,2012, Kyle Imao hailed as the first pinoy junior master chef  does the official ribbon cutting for PIFBEX AND HORECA along with the tradecon president Mildred Cabalyero and the distinguished  exhibitors. #pifbex runs from March 1 to 4 at the Picc forum 1-3 Roxas blvd. Pasay city   ...

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