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How Powerful is Social Media Now?

Social media and internet has dramatically emerged in the last few years. It is now rapidly growing making it one of the easiest ways to spread message. Twitter, a social networking site has also been useful on the past storms that had passed in the Philippines, and just recently, in the Boston bombing Twitter played an important role. Social media and internet is also the easiest way to spread viral news and to be famous. In fact some singers and celebrities started as YouTube sensation.  ...

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I have been using PLDT MyDSL since December, and I never had a problem, maybe one but that one didn’t even last for an hour and I am not even sure if it’s with my internet connection. I love PLDT MyDSL. I am not an employee of PLDT so this will be not a bias review, and although I  was once part of a subsidiary company of PLDT, which is SPi Global (formerly ePLDT Ventus) this will not be a bias review, it will be a review from a mommy blogger who works at home. I started with PLDT December,  ...

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I Got Another Contract In Odesk!

I am truly grateful for getting another contract in oDesk. This time, I love my contract. When I got home from the Best Food Forward at the same time the Blogger Challenge #2 as Blogger Apprentice Contender of 2012 and Lhyzie’s brother birthday, the first thing I checked is my e-mail.  :ao: At first I was nervous to open the e-mail, but anyhow, I was already not expecting much. But when I opened the message, I almost jumped for joy! Athena Thank you for your interest at Red Pocket  ...

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