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AthenaTria.Com Was Awarded As One of The Top 6 Blogger Apprentice!

I know this is a very very late post, but still, I want to share this because I can consider this as an achievement of me and my blog.  :67: I have been very busy lately. Busy taking care of my daughter, moving to a new place and of course, holidays.  :71: But now, as we open the year 2013, I wanna give more time to my passion and source of income at the same time; blogging. And to open the year with a bang, I wanna post what I AM LOVED 🙂 has achieved in the year 2012.  :cute: And I hope  ...

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It’s This Season Again: Merry Christmas To Everyone!

  Christmas has been the most favorite season of most Filipinos. Philippines has been known for celebrating this season the longest among all. We start celebrating it as early as September or what we call the “ber months” and ends around third week of January. Indeed, it’s the most wonderful time of the year (like what a Christmas songs says.)  :67:   As old as 20 years old, I still enjoy the season. Probably because of my princess,  :66: Aphrodite. Like what I  ...

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Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4: The Result

Yesterday, something unexpected for us Filipinos and for some other sports enthusiasts has happened. I believe this can be a part of the history. It will be remembered among Filipinos and boxer fans as well. As I am writing this post, you have probably have heard of the result. If not, I’ll show you a video clip I found on a social networking site.     Everyone was shocked at first. No one expected a result like this from The Manny Pacquiao also known as Pacman. Some are furious, some  ...

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It’s The Season Of Giving: Pizza Hut And Taco Bell Promotes The Spirit Of Giving (Media Launch)

November 28, 2012, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Philippines launched the World hunger 2012 campaign with United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).     Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Philippines takes part in school feeding program for children that has been affected by past conflicts in Mindanao. According to :ars Peterson, this campaign is the world’s largest private sector fundraising effort to help alleviate hunger and under-nutrition globally. There will be three ways to take part and  ...

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