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The Philippines’ 7th IMAX Theater opens at SM Aura Premier

  Last May 17, 2013, I was invited for the Philippine’s 7th IMAX theather, it was at the newest mall in town, SM Aura Premier. I was really lucky to be part of the guest list for this event. I thought I will considered as guest though.  :he: I will share my experience later at the end of the post.   SM Cinema Aura is set to redefine entertainment as it becomes one of the most anticipated features in the new SM Aura Premier. Unveiling on May 17, 2013, SM Cinema Aura houses  ...

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Show off: Aphrodite’s Look 001

Wow. Just wow. Time sure flies by so fast. It seems like only yesterday that I gave birth to a beautiful princess. Now, she can give me some cute poses for my shots. And today, I can’t help but brag about her photos yesterday. Aphrodite learns how to pose. Show off! See the last picture? Probably looked familiar to you if you have been following my blog or my lookbook. Why? That’s the exact pose I did for one of my lookbook posts! Wow. Now my little princess has her outfit of  ...

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Stats Went Low: What I Have Been Doing Lately

Ahh.. Finally, some peace.. and quiet! Lol. It’s been a long time since I actually made a personal post. Why? Because I want my blog to look more professional and matured. Ha! I think it attracts more visitors and clients as well. Anyway.. I felt I thought I owe an explanation to my readers..  :93: I didn’t even blogged about my first blogversary, this is like a mortal sin to a blogger. Lol.  :121: Since December, I noticed my stats went really really low, from hits more than 1k  ...

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Welcoming 2013

Happy new year everyone! New Year’s celebration is one of my favorite holidays here in the Philippines.  :61: We have traditions like having several circle shaped fruits on the table, (not sure how many circle shaped fruits, I think it’s 7.) putting cotton, salt, sugar, water and rice grains on the table as well, putting grapes on the doors, throwing coins, jumping on 12 am to get taller, and a lot more. These traditions makes new year’s eve extraordinarily fun in the  ...

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