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AthenaTria’s Mobile View

Sept. 11, 2012 I started to have a mobile version for my site I figured that since nowadays a lot of people use their smartphones to surf the internet it might be a great help to my readers to have a mobile version and to attract readers as well. Me as well often view my site using my phone and launching a mobile site for my site is indeed one of the best improvements I did for my site. Currently the design is really plain but when I get the chance I will change some of the colors and styles in the mobile site. But at the moment, I really want to let my readers know about my mobile site and to encourage them as well to check out my site even when on mobile. I think its pretty cool to have a mobile site version for blogs nowadays since surfing on mobile is really common. Blackberrys, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android, and other mobile handsets can now easily view my site. You can either turn it on or off if you want to view the destop view or the mobile view of my site, just look for the switch at the footer. It’s also a lot easier to comment on the posts when viewing the mobile version. Having a mobile site is part of my plan on the big change I have for my site. So keep posted I might have this big change on my site soon.

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